Just a Little Girl

I stand in front of the mirror today, holding my girl close. As I look, I see a little girl dressed up as all little girls are…

in a pink ballerina dress with a tulle petticoat, cable knit tights, sparkly shoes, and a heart necklace.

I see a little girl who wants the same things that all little girls want…

to be called “princess,” to dress up and play “make believe,” to be a ballerina, and to have friends to play with.

I also see a little girl whose life looks different from other little girls- a little girl who is bound to a wheelchair, who has spent week after week in the hospital, who lives a life in pain and physically unable to do what her brilliant mind wants to do. Yet I see a little girl full of joy.

Uncontainable joy.

I see a little girl with a will to fight, to endure, and to live. This little girl in my arms- she is unlike any little girl I’ve ever met. She lives her days in grace, and with HOPE. Oh, sweet girl, one day you will dance. I promise, you will.

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